SVI.MED. was born for supporting the processes of sustainable development of the territory, through the active collaboration with the Institutions and the Local and Regional bodies, in order to implement processes of development within the European Mediterranean space. 


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The not for profit association "PRISM Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo" acts as a qualified development agent, able to intercept and to thrive in the area, the development policies promoted by transnational bodies, in particular by the European Commission. The PRISM mission is about promoting development that is:

- local, by promoting territorial identity and potential of endogenous resources;

- based on an effective local governance and development of social capital;

- sustainable, by meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of futures generations to meet their own needs.

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Action Synergy S.A. is an education, training and knowledge based applications organisation which is actively involved in the organization of student and youth mobility, in the development of educational programs for vulnerable target groups, in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses.

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1.About CCREAD-Cameroon

Centre for Community Regeneration and Development abbreviated as CCREAD-Cameroon is a purely youth led development organization established in 2004 and legally registered as a non profit organization in December 2006 with Registration Number: 379/AG/G.42/162/AJPAS under Cameroon Law of 1990 governing non political associations. CCREAD-Cameroon won the 2011-2012 World Bank Development Marketplace Competition on the promotion of good governance, is affiliated to Peace Child International, (UK), MIYC South Korea, an active member of United Network of Young Peacebuilders (Worldwide)  an NGO participant of UN Global Compact and a member of International Development Alliance (IDA).

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(F.I.L.E) is a non-governmental organization which seeks to promote Cross-Cultural interchange, voluntary service and intercultural l

earning by bringing the youth  together for the purpose  development and academic progress. We mainly work to create interest and enthusiasm for intercultural learning through voluntary work and exchange programs.

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