SVI.MED. was born for supporting the processes of sustainable development of the territory, through the active collaboration with the Institutions and the Local and Regional bodies, in order to implement processes of development within the European Mediterranean space. 




Area of expertise: 

•Sustainable Development

oEconomy and Environment 

oIndustrial ecology (relationship among productive activities, employees and environment) 

oProtection and Valorisation of cultural heritage, natural and environmental resources 

oProtection and Valorisation of the cultural goods

oAlternative energy 

•Support to the enterprise’s internationalization

•Support to the cooperation and the development

•Training and Innovation 


AS for Training and Innovation Svimed has been leading several typologies of activities: 

In 2012 and 2013, within the Agriponic project, Svimed organized 4 seminars on “ Innovation in the soil less cultures – the aeroponic”  in collaboration with institutional and private actors. 

In 2011, within the “Agro environmed” project and with the Sicilian Scientific and Technological Park (PSTS), “Techno environmental platform for the agro-food sector in the mediterranean”, Svimed has been carrying out  the activity of support to companies in the wine sector and for the analysis of best practices and productive technologies with a low environmental impact. 

Besides, with the Sicilian Scientific and Technological Park (PSTS), Svimed has carried out activities of sensibilization and promotion for the enhancement of grapes obtained from green harvest for industrial applications. 

In 2010, Svimed organised services and support for the project related to “Training in favor of Public Administration staff in the field of environmental protection and sustainability” , that has been completed in 2012 with  the training and support to  Public Administration staff  in the process of adhesion of Local  Agenda 21. 

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