The not for profit association "PRISM Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo" acts as a qualified development agent, able to intercept and to thrive in the area, the development policies promoted by transnational bodies, in particular by the European Commission. The PRISM mission is about promoting development that is:

- local, by promoting territorial identity and potential of endogenous resources;

- based on an effective local governance and development of social capital;

- sustainable, by meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of futures generations to meet their own needs.


Main objectives are:

- To promote nonviolent community development through participatory processes and bottom-up planning

- To encourage cooperation and international mobility in the youth field.

- To support initiatives for European cooperation in lifelong learning, education and vocational training

- To foster international cooperation activities in developing countries.

PRISM has gained experience in local community work through facilitating the active participation of

young people in addressing issues that affect them directly. In this frame PRISM seeks:

- to promote innovation in the youth work practice and non-formal education,

- to identify assets and capacities that are latent within communities,

- to act as a centre for furthering the skills of youth,

- and enable local young people’s travelling abroad through EU motilities and opportunities.

PRISM  has a wide experience in the European youth cooperation and non-formal education through the association’s participation in a variety of mobility and trainings under the previous Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning. Main themes focused on: social entrepreneurship, social startup, project cycle management, nonviolent community development and culture of peace.

In 2013, PRISM  has opened  an informative centre run by a professional lawyer and intercultural mediators which is  providing free legal advice and support for asylum seekers entering and living in Sicily (Italy).

In 2014, PRISM has established a new branch in Senegal (Ziguinchor) which intends to foster cooperation and exchanges of good practices in the field of youth. 

This has given us a wealth of experience in project management as well as in developing and delivering innovative learning packages.  The key persons have “own” professional, educational and training experience. Our finance staff is fully experienced and qualified

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