A real opportunity to broaden our views, that once again,  just as happened during the first experience on  last summer in Modica, has enriched my expectations. It was a really well-structured training, and at the same time has left the space to live an experience by touching  by hand, a “different world” so much known in our mind but not so much really understood by most of us. “Western paradoxes” that sometimes make confusion between  logic and common sense, but that cannot contradict a great similarity of individual and collective dreams and ambitions  that I could feel from human exchange with the locals and everyone hosted us during that week.Different  forms and languages that in this kind of experience meet each other , becoming a single shared source of prospectives  and possibilities. 

Our international experience started some months ago when our new friends from Greece, Cameroon and Ghana came in Sicily. We spent a week together exchanging experiences and opinions and learning something about Italian agriculture. It continued when we left for Douala, in Cameroon. After a very long travel we finally arrived, at night. The first thing I thought was: Why have I accepted to come?? We were so tired, and we saw just a broken road into the darkness. After a couple hours we arrived at the hotel. The following day we were received by our friends from Cameroon who were so kind. We learnt about local agriculture, and management tools like monitoring, evaluation and how to organize a business plan. We take part to interactive seminary and we have done group works about that. We had also the opportunity to visit local sides like a market, a palm oil farm, the botanic garden and the mountain with its forest.  I think it was an amazing experience, it was very important to find out how really is life in central Africa and it allow us to have a full vision about future. At the beginning I had a bad impression of that, but I immediately changed my mind, it was great. I wanna express my gratitude to Svimed staff

In every nation the youth have been acknowledged as an important human resource with the potential to contribute significantly to national development. It is the objective of most nations to develop the capacity of its youth to enable them contribute meaningfully to the society.

In line with the above objective, the Youth Workers of Foundation for Intercultural Learning & Exchange (FILE – GHANA),a non-governmental organisation based in Ghana travelled to Buea – Cameroon in February, 2016 to  participate  in the 2nd transnational seminar organised by Centre for Community Regeneration and Development (Cameroon) in partnership with SVIMED (ITALY) PRISM, (Italy), ACTION SYNERGY S.A  and  FILE-GHANA . The seminar was aimed at building the capacity of youth workers from African and Europe. The programme was very beneficial   having learnt a lot of lessons from well-resourced speakers and as well as good practices from our counterparts from Europe.

Key among the lessons we learnt  was the importance of how we can carry out Monitoring and Evaluation which has become a key component of results and performance-based management.

Some findings we carried from evaluations were used to initiate policy and programme changes during some of our group discussions.  

Also, we used the monitoring and evaluation process to help us contribute to organisational learning through constant exchange of information among our group studies during the program.

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Participating in the 2nd transnational meeting of AGRO project in Buea – Cameroon (2-6 February 2016) was a valuable experience to me in several ways.

As an agronomist, I am being active in the Mediterranean region, where climate conditions are known to be particularly unique, due to the fact that many different climate factors interact in these areas – northern cold air currents, Sahara winds, even though Atlantic ocean’s currents. Through the last 5 years climate change is a fact in these climate-sensitive regions and concerns are raised in the professionals of the agricultural sector about the viability of traditional Mediterranean crops. We regard that unique Mediterranean crops will need time to adopt to the new climate conditions, which are unpredictable and changing really fast. On the other hand, the market is changing rapidly and demands accessibility in a wide variety of agricultural products in affordable prices.

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Another fantastic experience lived by us young workers, with a learning purposes in the agricultural sector but not only!. I was lucky to be selected again, after the seminar helded in July 2015 in Modica, and so I had the opportunity to compare realities, cultures and a completely different agriculture. These are opportunities that should be catch right away and exploited as much as possible and let’s say that so it was…! We must thank the "SVIMED 'Association and especially its staff, which has worked hard to do things right and to ensure that everything was going good . It was an experience that allowed me to increase my knowledge, to compare two completely different "worlds", and especially to understand how important is the resource of "agriculture" that in today's world is clearly undervalued and seen, first of all by young people, as degrading activity. Absolutely to try again!"

First of all, I have to thank Action Synergy who gave me the opportunity to participate in such an interesting program. In a few words, I can say that I fulfilled the 100% of my expectations through this program.

Firstly, a little about the idea of AGRO – Sustainable Agricultural Entrepreneurship for Young Workers in Africa and Europe.

It is great that through a European community project we have the opportunity to meet people that work in the same sector like us. It gave us the chance to realize that the problems we face in agriculture production are the same globally and share ideas according to the experience of each other to manage them in the best way.

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