Simone Palazzolo (Italy): Cameroon Experience

Another fantastic experience lived by us young workers, with a learning purposes in the agricultural sector but not only!. I was lucky to be selected again, after the seminar helded in July 2015 in Modica, and so I had the opportunity to compare realities, cultures and a completely different agriculture. These are opportunities that should be catch right away and exploited as much as possible and let’s say that so it was…! We must thank the "SVIMED 'Association and especially its staff, which has worked hard to do things right and to ensure that everything was going good . It was an experience that allowed me to increase my knowledge, to compare two completely different "worlds", and especially to understand how important is the resource of "agriculture" that in today's world is clearly undervalued and seen, first of all by young people, as degrading activity. Absolutely to try again!"

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