Federico Basile (Italy): Cameroon Experience

Our international experience started some months ago when our new friends from Greece, Cameroon and Ghana came in Sicily. We spent a week together exchanging experiences and opinions and learning something about Italian agriculture. It continued when we left for Douala, in Cameroon. After a very long travel we finally arrived, at night. The first thing I thought was: Why have I accepted to come?? We were so tired, and we saw just a broken road into the darkness. After a couple hours we arrived at the hotel. The following day we were received by our friends from Cameroon who were so kind. We learnt about local agriculture, and management tools like monitoring, evaluation and how to organize a business plan. We take part to interactive seminary and we have done group works about that. We had also the opportunity to visit local sides like a market, a palm oil farm, the botanic garden and the mountain with its forest.  I think it was an amazing experience, it was very important to find out how really is life in central Africa and it allow us to have a full vision about future. At the beginning I had a bad impression of that, but I immediately changed my mind, it was great. I wanna express my gratitude to Svimed staff

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